Senior Product Designer

I design products for mobile and web platforms.

Current UI/UX Projects

HR Direct Smart Apps

HRdirect Smart Apps are simple, web-based HR apps designed to help clients address a specific employee management goal. Each app functions independently or seamlessly with other apps, giving them the flexibility to choose which apps their business needs without buying into a complex HR system.


Current Web App Design: Attendance Calendar

Zeplin link: https://app.zeplin.io/project/5e745c92b00c2b0275b34b30/dashboard?seid=5e748520181a1eb5332ce27f


As the UI/UX Designer I lead digital customer experience and user interface design. This requires frequent collaboration with product owners and software engineers to define and deliver user-flow documentation and diagrams, functional prototypes, assets and an accessible design system.

Web App Scenarios:

  • Attendance Calendar Year View
  • Attendance Calendar Month View
  • Attendance Calendar Settings
  • Attendance Calendar Print
  • Marketing Website (Responsive homepage) + Inner pages


Formstax is an online platform for businesses and individuals that handles all the filing and delivery of their tax forms online, specifically 1099 and W-2 forms. The system’s services include all-inclusive print, mail and e-file delivery with rates that vary per form.


Current MVP Designs

Zeplin link: https://app.zeplin.io/project/5e745c92b00c2b0275b34b30/dashboard?seid=5e748520181a1eb5332ce27fhttps://app.zeplin.io/project/5e745c92b00c2b0275b34b30/dashboard?seid=5e746b89eeec7dbf5d123202


Collaborated with eFile4biz product owners and software engineers to define and translate high-level technical requirements into annotated user-flow documentation, interactive prototypes, and intuitively designed user experiences for mobile.

Web App Scenarios:

  • Atomic Design
  • Frame & Global Interactions
  • Account Login
  • Create Account
  • Forgot Password
  • Email Template
  • My Account (WIP)
  • Start Filing (WIP)
  • Start Filing – Import (WIP)
  • Start Filing – Import Review (WIP)
  • Payers & Recipients (WIP)
  • Forms In Progress
  • My Cart
  • Purchase Flow (WIP)
  • Filed (WIP)
  • Report (WIP)
  • Help (WIP)

Feel free to contact me to talk about my design process, inspirations and experience!